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Wolcome to daniel askelovic wiki. Daniel askelovic is a youtube channel that have videos. They have shows, movies, characters, D.A. Shorts and movies and more.

Enjoy. P.S. No copyrights allowed.

                                1.     Kermit's house party
                                2.     the fortune teller
                                3.     Angry birds movie adventures the movie
                                4.     new super luigi u animated
                                5.     mario and luigi dream team
                                6.     benjie the movie
                                7.     Kermit's house party 2
                                         Upcoming films
                                         Cartoons unite july 27 2014
                                         benjie 2 August 9 2014
                                         Kermit's house party 3 October 2014
                                         Parody Movie  November 2014 
                                         Mixels the Movie May 2015
                                         New Super Luigi U Animated 2  2015
                               star wars for hire the movie 2015
                                         flappy bird  TBA
                                         The Cube and the Marker  TBA
                                         The WeeGee movie   TBA
                                          Untitled film  TBA
                                          Untitled film  TBA

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Red and pig

Red and pig

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